About Us

The Noida Deaf Society works with the deaf to enable them to live empowered and successful lives.

What We Do

The Deaf have unique needs in the realms of:
  • Education
  • Skill Development
  • Career
  • Family
  • Social Rehabilitation
  • Personality Development
NDS is a friend and partner to the Deaf and implements diverse initiatives to empower the Deaf to live successful lives.


Mainstreaming Deaf children and youth through quality education and skill development.


Empowering the Deaf community in India to lead sustainable and self-reliant lives through customized training and employment opportunities.


The core objectives of the Noida Deaf Society are here –
Developing specialized vocational training courses.

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Our History

Noida Deaf Society

Ruma Roka was a homemaker restless to find a mission and meaning in life. One day she saw a woman interpreting the News on National TV in Sign Language. She was deeply intrigued by the use of hands for communication and decided to learn Indian Sign Language.