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What We Do

At Noida Deaf Society we understand the constraints of the Deaf and focus on their abilities to bring out the best in them. The Deaf at NDS are not looked at as beneficiaries but are active participants in the organization. Every decision is taken in consultation with the Deaf keeping their hopes, aspirations and future vision in mind.

Our goal is to enable the complete integration of the Deaf into the mainstream through education and specialized vocational programs leading to meaningful employment.

All training programs are conducted by Deaf teachers as we feel that they best understand the needs of the Deaf and also act as role models for the community. Everything is taught in sign language using a variety of visual aids and interactive multimedia based material. The nurturing environment at NDS enables them to grow as individuals and become productive members of their families and society.

Our Programmes

1. Vocational Training Programmes
  Our trainings are based on market research and are job oriented in nature. We provide training in following areas:    
    Indian Sign Language :
Sign language is a medium of instruction for all other trainings, so it becomes a pre-requisite for a student to be well versed in it. So any person, with or without any educational background is required to attend this training.
    English Communication Skills :
Knowing Basic English has become the need of the hour and deaf are no different. Learning English has been identified as a priority and a pre-requisite for mainstreaming and employment. The training starts from building vocabulary of the words that are used frequently to being able to make simple sentences and using correct grammar for communication with peers and co workers.
    General Knowledge :
To keep them abreast with the rest of the world and developing them holistically, NDS makes it a point to take their general knowledge classes very seriously and hence deaf trainers take the classes on a regular basis. The classes include knowledge of the world- its continents, brief history of important events in India and in the world etc.
    Key Boarding Skills : 
For the deaf youth to build basic computer skills especially with their low literacy level. Specialized Typing tutorials which enable the students to develop industry required typing speed and accuracy. It also develops hand and eye coordination through self paced learning.
    MS Office and Internet :
NDS has developed a specialized curriculum for MS Office which helps build basic IT skills of the students in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Internet. The course is specific for a deaf trainer and deaf students only and is very visual, using PowerPoint presentations to cater to the needs and challenges of the student. Each lesson has instructor’s notes combined with activities and summary to help reinforce the learning. At the end of the course, the students are put through evaluation exam and are certified from The NIIT Foundation. 
    Hardware and Networking :
A+ certification, professional course made accessible to the deaf youth for the first time in our country at NDS where they are taught about different components of a personal computer(PC), operating systems in a PC, installation of hardware devices, troubleshoot windows OS, and network communications and internet technologies.
    Data Entry Operation :
To complement the existing MS office training, 3 months Data Entry operating course for our deaf students. The courseware has been provided by NIIT Foundation. The training allows the students to learn advance level for Excel and Word
    Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design :
The programme is a first ever program in the country designed specifically for the deaf. It is a 1 year graphic designing course which uses designing software - Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, In-design, Illustrator and Flash for drawing out the inherent visual skills of the deaf students.  NDS created the DTP curriculum with the experts from the field, customized and market researched for deaf students. The final examinations for all these programs are also conducted by NIIT Foundation at NDS premise which helps bringing professional expertise from the field.
    Life Skills and Work Ethics :
When a young deaf individual steps into NDS, he/she comes from years of neglect and low self esteem. NDS has realized the importance of the situation and hence life-skills have become an important part of NDS programs. Life-skill training is in-built in all our programs focusing on developing a sense of self, creating a positive vision for the future through developing inherent strengths. It also includes focusing on one’s ability and not on inability, taking charge of his/her own life.

Competitive Exam Preparation Training :
NDS has started a new training programme on preparing students for Various Competitive Examinations. This programme will help the prospective candidates in applying jobs in Government Sector, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) and Banks. The Training Programme is being conducted twice weekly (Tuesday & Thursday). It is an ongoing training.
The Training Programme includes- how to fill OMR (Optical Marks Reader/ Recognition) in Application Forms and Answer Sheet.  The contents of the course enable the students to understand the structure of exams, pattern of test papers, approach to objective questions in Aptitude and English. We teach them Basic English Language, proper usage of Grammar, Vocabulary, Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, Synonyms, and Antonym etc. We also share with them latest news and Notification of Employment/ recruitments.
 It also includes timely evaluation to monitor the programme.

    Foundation Programs :
NDS never refuses admissions to any deaf student irrespective of what skills they have. Foundation program is designed for students who have difficulty in coping with the other mainstream programs at NDS. The teachers painstakingly teach them basic vocabulary in sign language and also use pictorial representations to develop their vocabulary in English.
    Educomp Smart Classes: :
For NDS, it adds value to our curriculum as it requires least speech and the deaf youth can comprehend it faster and easily through activity base training. We follow a three pronged strategy for educomp: 1.This multimedia method teaches the deaf youth 4 subjects(Hindi, English, Maths and Science)-since they are all visual learners, the digital modules make these lessons much more meaningful and easy to understand. 2.The sessions are taught by deaf trainers with whom the deaf youth can easily relate and connect. 3.The sessions are being taught in the language which is most convenient for these individuals that is sign language, leading to a highly interactive classroom with free flowing questions and answers hence enhancing mental ability, knowledge and agility.
For more details on educomp please visit http://www.smartclass.educomp.com/about.aspx
    Mobile Repairing Courses: :
A new course initiated for deaf students. The course trains the students in mobile repairing skills. The curriculum is customized for deaf students and aims to make them self reliant. This is a 3 months training program. .
    Beauty Culture Training: :
To empower especially the female students by helping them develop entrepreneurship skills and independence. The 4 months training programme is however open to both male and female students.
2. Engagement with the Industry :
  We are actively engaging with the industry to build sensitivity and raise awareness about the Deaf through workshops, mentoring programs, collaborative industrial training, employee volunteering and sign language orientation.

We have a strong tie- up with industry for employment and conduct intensive pre employment training where the Deaf are given an orientation on the work profile, life skills and work ethics training, family counselling, contextual work-place vocabulary building and exposure to the work areas.  We also facilitate the screening process for employers and help them with on the job-training for the Deaf. We have had a good success rate and over 1340 of our students are working in diverse fields such as Information Technology, Graphic Designing, Data Entry, Retail, Hospitality, Export Houses and Packaging among others.
3. Education
  Given the dismal state of education for the Deaf in the country, a need was felt to reach out to the young Deaf in the country. The right pedagogy for teaching the Deaf along with an enriching learning environment can greatly enhance their development and mainstreaming into the society at large.  

Primary Education for Deaf Children :
The Primary Education started with three children in the end of 2009 at our centre in sector 29, Noida. Today we have around 50 children in the age group of 5-12 years coming primarily from Noida, Delhi and Ghaziabad. These children mostly belong to Below Poverty Line families. We currently have the following levels: Nursery, LKG, UKG, Class I, Class II and Class III. The classes are graded based on skills and not age. As the level of the children progress we will be introducing higher levels till Class V. We follow the Bi-Lingual method of education giving the children a strong first language i.e sign language. This language then becomes the medium of communication and also a medium for teaching other subjects.

    Supplimentary Education for School Going Deaf Children :
A special program for school going deaf children who attend the government run schools in the morning and come to NDS in the afternoon. The focus of this program is to bridge the gaps in the education system for the deaf in the country and develop core life skills and enhance their school learning. The children in supplementary education belong to age group 14-20 years. The students are taught using Educomp Smart classes as the deaf children are visual learners and digital modules act as an effective way of teaching the deaf wards.