Deaf children and youth are very enthusiastic to learn and grow at Noida Deaf Society. Students coming from far flung, marginalised sections of society are encouraged to live their dreams and achieve higher goals in life. NDS has been nurturing holistic development of the Deaf community across 5 centres through professional skill development and providing employment opportunities. People across the globe are helping us to raise this fund in their own small ways.

  • GIVE AS YOU EARN- Every month, pledge a small part of your salary to be given to Noida Deaf Society. It could be any amount, even 100 rupees
  • Help us organize awareness camps and sensitization events that could help in raising funds.
  • Start a donation drive in your company, neighbourhood or even within your family.
  • Help us to create proposals to tap into your company’s CSR funds.
You are welcome to support our students by sponsoring/ donating:
  • Nutritious meals and edible items such as biscuits/juices.
  • Books, Stationary, Printers or Computers.


Internships are an integral part of our organization. Our interns come from diverse professional and educational backgrounds. They are a support system to our organization, contributing according to their skill sets.

Basic requirements for interning at Noida Deaf Society:
  • Passionate to give back to society.
  • Skill sets relevant for helping us out.
Opportunities for interns at Noida Deaf Society:
  • Opportunity to serve Deaf people and to enable them to create a better life.
  • Opportunity to learn Indian Sign Language
  • Opportunity to understand diversity and the world of deaf community.
  • Letter of Recommendation for the work you will do for Noida Deaf Society.


  • Orientation to India Sign Language.
  • Sensitization and Awareness Sessions.
  • Job profiling at your company for possible employment opportunities.
  • Collaborative trainings to enhance employability quotient in the students.
  • Recommending Noida Deaf Society for CSR funds at your company.
  • Organizing Corporate and Noida Deaf Society Social Meets. For example,A Cricket Match.
  • Professional Volunteer Engagement- You may come forward for your employee engagement activities or conducting meaningful workshops and sessions for the students at NDS.
  • You may also arrange an exposure visit for our students at your organisation for giving them a first-hand experience of mainstream work culture.
  • Or, you may sponsor an educational visit to develop knowledge base and widen students’ outlook towards life.


The Greatest barrier for disabled people is the attitude of other people towards them. Campaigns and events involving public and civil society will help break the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding deaf and other disabilities. This would help motivate and build up their confidence. Your support is crucial to bring about social change in the lives of deaf children and their communities.

  • Help sponsor capacity building workshops for deaf trainers and our team members.
  • Help organize educational workshops to develop mental capacity and understanding of our students. Being visual learners, videos and graphic illustrations can help grab the attention of these deaf students.
  • Organize workshops on Women’s Health and Hygiene.