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Mr. Pierre De Rancourt, Managing Director, COWI India (P) Ltd.
“In your center, space is scarce, students are coming in and out; however you manage to keep focus on your educations and training and you strive for excellence. This is admirable skills to any employer…You can be proud of what you are achieving every day”.

Mr. Shanmugh Natarajan, Executive Director, Adobe India
“NDS is being so phenomenal on how the hearing impaired people are being set up for life skills as well as vocational skills so that they can go and not be thinking that they are a burden to the society. Love the whole effort. Definitely we are there with you and we will be there more with you going forward”.

Mr. P. Rajendran, Joint Managing Director & Co-Founder, NIIT Ltd.
“NDS learning environment is really an active learning environment. We don’t have that kind of a thing in a normal class room”

Sugandha Monga, Senior Marketing Executive, Daikin Airconditioning India Pvt. Ltd.
“Rahul was patient. He had the ability, the zeal and the passion that he is now out of his comfort zone and is now with the real world. I see him daily….tries to communicate with his own Sign Language and within a month everybody in our office has learnt to communicate with him. I don’t feel that differently anymore”

Pierre De Rancourt, Managing Director, COWI India (P) Ltd
“We trust NDS, because they do what they say…we have 5 employees coming from NDS. They are doing well here. They are not doing better or less than others, they are just doing what they have to do”

Arvind Thakur, Chief Executive Officer and Joint Managing Director, NIIT Technologies Limited
“We are not physically challenged, but we are a linguistic minority and I think that’s a great new idea which I think we should devote and communicate and that will completely change the way the world looks at us and absorbs us in society”

Syeda Imam, Award Winning Communications Professional
“You seemed much more focused, much more attentive to what you were doing because you are so undisturbed….Today, the kind of happiness you have genuinely created in each one of us, is incalculable. What you did today is unnatural…you are the greatest communicator amongst all of us”

Mr. P. Rajendran, Joint Managing Director, NIIT Limited
“An annual event which I look forward to starting from 2005. The connect which one gets when they come to NDS and connecting with the students here is like going to the petrol pump and getting charged once again. It is really positive the energy which is there. …I have seen, connected off and on with Ruma’s team, it is amazing, the kind of involvement they have, in building this institution”.

Mr. K Anil Kumar, ET and CEO- Axis Bank Foundation
“Axis Bank came up with EMBRACE program that seeks to integrate Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) into the main fabric of the Bank. Accordingly, 14 students from Noida Deaf Society (NDS) were selected to join in various job roles in the Bank-both as staff of the Bank as well as outsourced staff. The most important outcome of this engagement has been the sensitization of our colleagues in the unit towards the productive potential of these individuals which is otherwise grossly underestimated.”

Mr. S. Nagarajan, Managing Director Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Pvt. Ltd. speaking on the possibility of starting Mother Dairy shops with deaf youth
“It’s an honour and privliege coming here today….We hope that we are capable of really building entrepreneurs to take some shops…..I am quite excited about the possibility…I wish one or two of you can really take it forward and really make this a movement as we go along.”

Mr. P. Rajendran, COO and Director of NIIT Technology Limited
“I am quite amazed at the energy, hard work and potential of the hearing challenged youth. We at NIIT are glad to partner with NDS in their seminal efforts, by way of training of their trainers, curricular & content support, helping with the infrastructure and volunteering by our staff members. I urge more Corporates to come forward to support the unique work being done at NDS to mainstream the deaf youth and provide job placements in their organizations. They will definitely get business benefits from the focus and commitment to work, exhibited by these well trained deaf youth.”

Mr. Naresh Gupta, Managing Director, Adobe Systems India
“Adobe has been supporting Noida Deaf Society since 2007 through our desktop publishing software, funding and volunteering. I am amazed at the impact that NDS has been able to create for the deaf youth and Adobe is very proud to be associated with this effort. We look forward to our continued relationship.”

Mr. Manpreet Singh, Head of Employee Relations at the Indian headquarters, Fidelity Information Services
"These employees are looking at scanned images of personal cheques. Any transaction that goes wrong would mean money getting debited from the wrong account and affects our service levels. This is high- end work. When I look at it from an HR perspective - the attrition rates - these people are hardworking. So it's a win-win situation"

Sushant Nailwal, Production Editor Supervisor, Sage Publications
Ankita is focused in her work and is a natural learner. She has nicely developed as a proofreader. Ankita is also very polite and well behaved and has adjusted well in the team and with the SAGE culture.;

Mr. Farhat Jamal, Area Manager & General Manager, Shangri-La's - Eros Hotel
“As part of Shangri-La's 'Embrace' Programme, we have already been employing hearing impaired candidates and they are amongst the top performers. This was my first exposure to seeing how hearing impaired youth are trained and prepared. We are quite pleased and reassured with the effort that goes in to training the hearing impaired youth at Noida Deaf Society. We wish them all the best and we will continue to partner with NDS going forward.”

Shobhit Sharma, Manager- HR, Rural Shores
Hansraj had joined RuralShores Delhi office in the month of June'13 as part of the scanning team and I must say that he has been doing an excellent job. He is dedicated, punctual, quality driven, focused and does his work with a smile on his face always.”

Stuti Singh, Marketing Executive, Best Foods Limited
Please take this as an appreciation mail for your efforts of helping us place promoters in various stores in Delhi/NCR. Currently, we have 10 NDS students working for us and we are very happy with the way they have been putting efforts to continuously do well.

Lalit Chauhan, Learning Coordinator, Welcome Hotel Sheraton New Delhi
The candidates hired from NDS are doing well in their respective departments and are enjoying their training in our hotel. The training has built their confidence in themselves and their ability to learn new skills, and perform the tasks assigned to them. The youth have displayed good discipline and willingness to take on responsibilities.”

Ms. Balpreet Grover, Deputy Manager, Human Resources, Costa Coffee
“Noida Deaf Society has now become an old partner of Costa Coffee. Your organization has been instrumental in sourcing the right talent according to our needs to hire special staff (Deaf & Mute). NDS has been very kind to help us in resolving issues faced post-employment. Your values & training have played an important role to shape career of lot of challenged people. I thank every team member of NDS for being so supportive”.

Binita Basu, Vice President Branch Head, Axis Bank
It is wonderful to have the deaf students from NDS working with us. They are really fabulous at work. Since they don’t hear their concentration levels are really high. It was not very difficult to work with them. Firstly they were very well trained by NDS. Secondly they have that extra zeal in them to learn and understand things. Their accuracy levels are very high as compared to normal people. I am privileged to be part of this pioneering initiative with NDS”.

Col. Parvesh Malhotra, Associate General Manager, Devyani Food International, India
We have hired hearing impaired students from NDS and we are extremely satisfied with their work. One amazing thing about these students is that they are always smiling and willing to go the extra mile. We congratulate NDS on their good work.”