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Success Stories

  Noida Deaf Society Success Stories of Deaf Youth  



Anil Kumar, working at Leela Kempinski Hotel in the F&B Service Department

Anil kumar, one of our students, used to work in a papad factory, for just Rs.1500 for 10 hours, in a place where the simple human need of a fan was not met. Then he came to know about NDS and enrolled for our English course in 2007. Eventually he got placed in Leela Kempiski Hotels, Gurgoan where he says he has experienced immense joy and satisfaction. “I have learnt to commit to my job from NDS, and the value of having a good job and a regular salary. I would like to say that NDS is the one and only organization that helps the Deaf and I wish them the very best always.”


Rajnish Singh, working at Agro Tech Foods Ltd. as a Merchandiser

Rajnish joined NDS and was desperately looking for a means of livelihood. He was put on training especially focusing on developing life skills and work ethics, crucial for sustaining oneself at the work place. A wonderful opportunity soon came knocking where Agro Tech Foods, a leading retail company came to NDS and expressed their interest in hiring students from NDS for the post of Merchandisers who were primarily responsible for display of  Agro Tech Products at various retail outlets. Rajnish, with his exuberant personality caught the attention of the Agro team and he was selected for the profile.

“I visited a store which is managed by Rajnish. Look at the Act II display he managed to maintain. The other category displays were done up very neatly and he has been able to get additional space in shelves along with floor stacks”. Seeing the success of Rajnish and two other students who were placed in the first batch; the company took on board 10 more students from NDS for the next batch.


Pooja, working at Shangri-La Hotel, New Delhi, in the Spa

Pooja has been a student of NDS. This year we placed her at Shangri-la Hotel, New Delhi in the Housekeeping Department. She has been brought up by a single mother as parents were separated when Pooja was just a child. Post her training at NDS she was keen to get a job as she wanted to support her mother in running the household. An extremely cheerful and pleasant girl, upon meeting her one will never be able to make out the tough life she and her mother have had.

We once took our students to Shangri-la hotel for a visit to make them understand about the hotel industry. This visit changed Pooja’s life. She came back extremely fascinated by the hotel world and that day she made up her mind that she wanted to join the hotel. She worked hard at NDS to get trained for the tough world of the hospitality industry. Her determination and hard work paid off when she was selected in the interview. Today you  will find her smartly dressed, walking down the corridor of Shangri-la hotel going about her work. Pooja is not just a meticulous worker but also has great miming and dancing skills and even participated in the annual day at Shangri-La Hotel.


Lokesh, working at Leela Kempinski Hotel in the Laundry Department

Lokesh was a student at NDS. He underwent intensive pre employment training at NDS especially focusing on developing life skills and work ethics. He was also given a thorough orientation of the hospitality industry including an exposure visit to the hotel areas.  There upon Lokesh underwent the screening process at Leela Kempinski facilitated by NDS. He was one of the candidates to be selected in our first batch.

Today he is a core member of their laundry team. He has been a high performer and infact has been the recipient of the “Best employee of the month’ award. The General Manager of the Hotel, himself conferred the award to him in a special ceremony. He has done all of us proud at NDS.


Satyajeet, working at Vivek Sahni Design, a graphic design studio in Delhi

Satyajeet, 24 years of age, has been a student of NDS and was part of our one year long program in Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design. Satyajeet belongs to Bihar and after completing his class XIIth, he moved to Delhi and started living on his own for the first time in his life, struggling to manage his personal life and training all with a hope to get trained and find a means of livelihood in the future. He enrolled at NDS and in one year he learnt to work on design softwares such as Corel Draw, Photoshop, In Design and Flash. Satyajeet has been an extremely hardworking student and was regular in classes. He made sincere efforts to get the right skills that would take him somewhere in his life.


Rattan Kumar, working at ITC Maurya, New Delhi in the Learning Services Department as a Data Entry Operator

Rattan Kumar joined the MS Office course at Noida Deaf Society in January 2009. Opportunity knocked when he was close to finishing his course in the form of a contract data entry job at Mobile Creches, an NGO in Delhi. They wanted a part time data entry operator. Rattan worked hard and managed well to switch between his roles of a student and of a data entry operator.

After his contract got over he was placed in ITC Maurya in Delhi in August 2009. His performance there has been so good that ITC has asked for more candidates from NDS. He has truly been a role model for the deaf and has made us very proud. Despite coming from a weak family background he has given the best of himself to society. Today he also has the additional responsibility of looking after all the Deaf trainees at the hotel


Karan Bahadur Chand, working at Mphasis Pune, in the Information Technology Outsourcing Department Karan Bahadur Chand

Uttrakhand. He belongs to a modest family. His father retired from the Army and is now supporting his family through the monthly Government pension and his mother is a house wife. Karan has two brothers, both of whom are studying computers.

Karan moved to Delhi about 4 to 5 years ago to pursue his education and got trained in Cutting and Tailoring. At a young age of 21 he got married to a Deaf girl. He also worked in an Export house for some time to earn an income. Karan then decided to join our organization- Noida Deaf Society and has been associated with us for the past 2 years. He learnt Computers and English here. Infact he was selected as a peer educator and was teaching English to fellow Deaf Students.


Bambum Prassad, working at Mphasis, Pune in the Information Technology Outsourcing Department

Bambam Prasad,25 years of age is a bright Deaf boy. His family belongs to Bihar. His father works as a teacher and his mother is a housewife. Bambam is the eldest with 3 younger siblings. Bambam moved to Indore to pursue his education. He is one of the few Deaf to have completed his class 12th and is currently pursuing B.Com through distance learning.

Bambam never allowed his disability to deter him. He never relied on anyone else to build on his skills. In his free time he would read a lot and kept working on his English Communication Skills. He later moved to Delhi and joined the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and had been working there as a project assistant handling administrative work.


Abhishek Soni, Merchandiser, Agro Tech Foods Ltd., Madhya Pradesh

Abhishek belongs to a small village in a district called Sagar in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Deaf by birth, Abhishek grew up in his small village and completed his studies. His father works as a goldsmith and he is the one who is looking after the house as Abhishek's mother expired some years back. Extremely humble and respectful are the two qualities that best describe Abhishek. He shifted to Noida, away from his father to get trained as he knew that NDS was providing employment oriented training and felt that he could make a career if he could get the right skills. He enrolled and started learning English, sign Language and then went on to do Basic IT Training.

Abhishek had heard that NDS had facilitated placements for many Deaf youth with a company called Agro Tech Foods (ATFL), a leading FMCG company. NDS and ATFL share a wonderful partnership and had facilitated employment for Deaf youth across the country. Fortunately and also the first time ever, ATFL decided to take in Merchandisers from NDS for its stores in Madhya Pradesh.

The biggest success has been that the Deaf community in Madhya Pradesh is witnessing how Abhishek is today working with such a leading company and is in a profile which has direct customer interface and is still able to perform so well despite his hearing impairment and add value to his company. Seeing this success today we have many Deaf youth from Madhya Pradesh who are coming forth to join us. He is truly become a role model and is inspiring many others like him to make something of their lives.


Mohammad Sharique, Backend IT and Data Entry operations at Heritage Emporium, New Delhi

Sharique, a 20 year old hearing impaired boy comes from Bhagalpur, a small town in Bihar. Belonging to a Muslim family of six people, with only one earning member, life was never easy for him. He completed his schooling till class X and was desperate to do something with his life.

Finally it happened! He was selected and immediately put on the job training facilitated by NDS. Today smartly dressed in his uniform he works on a special software and keeps track of the various garments produced by Heritage. His interest in photography was also noticed and he has also been given the additional responsibility of taking photographs of the sample designs and archiving it in the company records. Simran Nanda, partner and owner of Heritage shared a positive feedback and said that Sharique is a good learner and he never hesitates to offer help to his team members. He is respectful of everyone and is doing well.

The tough journey Sharique faced to get where he has reached, makes him value what he has today. And it was his attitude of not giving up despite obstacles and failures that has got him where he is today.


Gayatri – Housekeeping Team, Taj Mahal Hotel

Gayatri was always interested in learning new things. She joined NDS after completing her 10th class to primarily build her communication skills. She comes from a big family of six people. At the time she joined NDS, her father and sister were only earning member in the family. Even though they managed well enough, Gayatri always wanted to help and contribute to her family and create her own identity. Today she is doing exactly that. In a way she is living one of her many dreams.

She is now working with Taj Mahal Hotel in their housekeeping team. To be on time for her job she leaves at around 5:30 in the morning, but she is never late for the job no matter what. Her father thinks she is the most responsible of all her siblings. The commitment level shown by her is commendable. Today not only is she happy but satisfied with herself and life at large. She knows and values the opportunity and support provided to her by her family and NDS.


Usha Kumari - Security Team, Vivanta by Taj

Usha Kumari was an eager learner who always wanted to find a place for herself in the society. A place where she can be proud of her achievements and herself. The highest education offered by her school was senior secondary, so she completed that but after that she was clueless about what to do next. She knew where she wanted to be but had no idea how and what to do to achieve it. Through her fellow students at school she learned about Noida Deaf Society and the vocational training provided by them. She asked and convinced her family to take her to NDS and eventually she joined NDS.

Since she comes from a middle class family with limited income, she feels proud to be able to contribute in her family's income. In words of her father "She is living a respectable life which I never ever believed that a deaf person is capable of. NDS showed her a new way to life, a drive to her dreams. We are proud of her." Usha on other hand only has one thing to say that "I am what I am only because of the training and opportunities NDS gave me


Nabi Hasan, Information Technology Outsourcing, Mphasis, an HP Company

Nabi belongs to a re-settlement colony in Madanpur Khadar, New Delhi. His father used to sell peanuts on the road side many years back. The Municipal Authorities started creating problems and soon he was without work, without money. Nabi's mother, inspite of belonging to a conservative Muslim family was the sole breadwinner for many years. Despite ill health she works as a cook in a small organization. Nabi was doing his best to support his family by teaching small children from his neighborhood till he came to know about NDS.

Nabi's hardwork and determination paid off when NDS facilitated his placement at Mphasis, Pune. Today he is beyond recognition, smartly dressed up and beaming with confidence. He lives independently in Pune, earning a handsome salary. Nabi is working hard to save money so that his mother can one day relax at home and look after her health. You ask him his dream and he smiles and signs "I want to build a house for my parents and see them living comfortably. I want to support Deaf children by teaching them so that they do not have to suffer the way I suffered. I want NDS to grow and help other Deaf who are going through so much in life. I want to thank NDS for bringing me to this level".


Yogesh, Laundry Department, Taj palace

Yogesh with his entrepreneurial spirit and a determination to do something made him experiment a lot in life. He started small businesses but failed. For seven years he kept struggling. He ventured into a Tiffin Service. Then he started selling momos on the road side but the authorities did not give him permission and he had to stop within 4 months of starting.

Just when he was about to give up all hope, he came to NDS and requested for help in finding him a job. NDS had been associated with him when he was in the Tiffin Service Business and knew that this boy had it in him to work hard and make something out of his life.
Soon thereafter NDS had a wonderful training opportunity with Taj Palace. Yogesh was put on training at NDS and he was now ready to face the interview at Taj Palace

When Yogesh shared his story, the team knew that this boy understood the value of work and they selected him for the Laundry department. Today you will see him walking around in this uniform carrying clean linen.


Akash, Laundry Department, Taj Palace

One day he saw some Deaf young boys signing on the road. He approached them and they told him about Noida Deaf Society (NDS). He joined NDS and started learning. However at the same time there was a lot of pressure from home and his father wanted him to join a job. Akash however felt that if he wanted to do something with his life, he first needed to develop the right skills and so he continued to learn.

After one and half years, Akash was now ready to step into the big world again. He was elated when NDS offered him a training opportunity with Taj Palace, a leading Hotel in New Delhi. He underwent an in house orientation on the Hospitality Industry at NDS and was then taken to the hotel for an interview.

His big smile caught everyone's attention at the hotel and he was selected as a trainee in the Laundry Department. Today Akash is a proud member of the Taj team and is earning Rs. 6500 per month. His hardworking nature is clearly reflected in the fact that the one weekly off that he gets, he comes to NDS and is continuing to learn here. He is truly someone who does not stop and continues to dream big and make efforts to get there!! Akash signs, "I thank Ruma Ma'am and NDS for helping me find a job of my choice and I am happy and satisfied". His sheer determination is going to take him a long way ahead and we wish him all the very best!