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  Noida Deaf Society Success Stories of Deaf Youth  

Rahul Bhola, Daikin

No suffering can be more disturbing than not being able to express your thoughts properly.Born with a hearing disability, Rahul Bhola had to go through the agony of not being able to communicate with people around him, even until the age of five. He was a part of this world, yet aloof and lost only in his own thoughts. In an attempt to go beyond what life had offered him, he sought admission in a normal school, but dropped out after a short span of three months because of the inhospitable environment. Shifting to Delhi Gate deaf school at the age of 8 years, though, was better than his previous experience, yet it could not bring out the best in him. The improper teaching and guidance provided did little to contribute to his development.

Getting to know about NDS encouraged him to give another shot to learning and attaining success in life. Overcoming his apprehensions of travelling to the centre so far, he finally joined NDS at the age of 18 in class VI. And with hard work and diligence, success has walked with him in every step that he takes now. Growing over the initial difficulties he faces, he has never failed to surprise his teachers and trainers and has always come out with flying colours. He was ranked 1st in ISL class, secured 82% in the qualifying test for EL2 class, and determined to advance further, has even taken the EL3 course. Having found a companion and supporter in his sister, he even managed to learn MS Office with her help, which aided him in the DEO course at NDS. With the vast set of skills he has acquired, he is now successfully employed with Daikin AC India Ltd.

In his own words – ‘I cannot thank NDS enough for everything they have done for me – motivating, guiding and providing opportunities to me’. When once Rahul was lost only in his own thoughts, he is now a confident man ready to face and challenge the world.


Monu Tomar, NDS Hissar Centre

They say, ‘Have faith in yourself, for its only your self-belief that can help you cross all the mountains and oceans that lie in your way’. But seldom do we abide by these words. Monu could have been discouraged to try to do something in life after all his ups and lows, but one thing that has paved a path of happiness for him is his never-say-die attitude. Belonging to a family based in Delhi, with his father indulged in electrical repairing to support a family of five, the news of their eldest son having a hearing disability spread a wave of dejection among everyone. After attending junior school in Shahdara till Class V, he decided to apply for a deaf school, but as fate would have it, got rejected since he was overage. Not knowing where to go and what to do further, he returned to his village.But the spark in him to do something in life was not yet extinguished. He shifted back to Delhi and started afresh doing menial jobs here and there, when sadly a car cleaning job took him ill and he had to leave the job. All he could do now was, wait for an opportunity to knock at his door. And then, a friend came as an angel sent by God to him. Getting acquainted with NDS came as a new hope in his life.

Joining the vocational training programme provided by NDS gave a new direction to his life.

Successfully employed at the Hotel Crowne Plaza since 2012, he is glad that he has realized his dreams, and thanks to NDS, now has the motivation to dream more!




Satyawan Sharma, NDS Hissar Centre

Satyawan Sharma belonged to an obscure family which had its roots in a small village in Jakhalmandi, Fatehabad near Hissar. Of the 3 siblings, he was the one born deaf. Angst and despair marked the days for his parents who could not believe why Satyawan was different. His father becomes emotional and pensive by remembering his past and admits that they used often curse their fate and worried about his future. However, Satyawan’s destiny lay along a different path.

Defying his disability becoming a barrier in realizing his dreams, he left his family and his village at a young age of 15 in order to pursue his higher education, as his village school offered classes till class 5th. He studied till class 8th in a private school in Hissar and was left with no option but to relocate to Karnal, as he heard of a school offering classes till 10th. However, to his utter dismay, he realized that there was no school for Deaf in Karnal which offers classes till 10th. Despite all this adversities, he remained undeterred. He came to Delhi and completed his matriculation from N.I.O.S. It was during his stay in Delhi, he heard about Noida Deaf Society and got fascinated by knowing the work NDS is doing for the Deaf Youth.

He joined NDS Hissar centre in January’13 and got enrolled in various courses such Basic English & Key Boarding in order to enhance his skills. His commitment, sincerity and eagerness to learn at NDS paid rich dividends. NDS’s nurturing environment brought out his unique potential when the opportunity knocked at his door. Satyawan’s joy knew no bounds when NDS offered him a job with Pizza Hut, a leading Food Retail company in Gurgaon in January’14. It was a dream come true for him. His parents are feeling elated by his achievement and are very hopeful that he would achieve a lot more in his life.. 

NDS wishes Satyawan all the best in his future endeavors.




Mandeep Singh, NDS Hissar Centre

Mandeep’s beginnings were tougher than one would guess from his brave smiles.  He hails from Siwani village, 32 km from Hissar town however he has always dreamt big.  Mandeep is the younger of 2 siblings. The fact of knowing that their younger son is born deaf virtually left the family disheartened and shattered. Mandeep’s elder brother somehow managed to get his formal education has took up the occupation of a farmer.  
However, Mandeep was determined to make a mark of himself since his childhood. Even his disability didn’t deter him from thinking big and different. He left his village at a young age of 13 and took admission in a private school in Sirsa where he did his schooling till 4th. He had to shift to Hissar to continue his further studies till class 7 th. He left his Hissar School after his 7th class, as he was having a lot of problems comprehending the teaching methodology in the class. Despite these problems, he was determined to pursue his higher education. He joined Open School and is currently pursuing his 10th class from there. It was in due course of time, he came to know about Noida Deaf Society (NDS) from his friends. He was surprised to hear that NDS not only provide Computer trainings to the Deaf youth but also provides employment opportunities at reputed organisations. For him, NDS became his dream destination. He discussed his desire to join NDS Hissar centre to learn computer and other skills development programs with his parents however he had to face a lot of resistance from them. They wanted him to complete his formal education rather than joining NDS. He convinced his parents and took no time to visit our NDS Hissar centre in July’13 and joined various courses such as Indian Sign language, Basic English & Key boarding skills in order to acquire the skills which were key to be successful in the professional world.

His course tenure at NDS proved to be a test of his endurance. When the opportunity came as an opening at Pizza Hut at Gurgaon in January’14, he seized that moment. Mandeep now works at Pizza Hut, Gurgaon. By his work & dedication, he has earned everyone’s praise at his work. His proud father has now shredded his perceptions about Mandeep and adds "Mandeep has always dreamt big and I’ve firm believe in him. I’m very pleased with his achievement .  

NDS wishes Mandeep all the best in his future endeavors.




Rajesh Kumar, Executive – Claims, Medi Assist India TPA Ltd

Rajesh comes from a family of 8. They are five brothers and one sister. His parents have faced lot of struggle since of their 6 children, 3 are hearing impaired and one is physically and mentally challenged. They are from a small town in Jharkhand where support systems for family like Rajesh’s are none. The father has been the only bread winner for the family until Rajesh’s elder brother who is hearing started working and supporting him. Between two of them they were able to manage house well, until the father retired and complete family responsibility fell on his brother’s shoulder. Being next in line to support the family, Rajesh knew that he needs to find job and that too quickly. His father was particular about his education and ensured that he completes his graduation. After completing his graduation, he started applying for various job, but to no avail. He recalls that in one company he even cleared the written exam and went for the interview, but when they saw him and realized that he is deaf they did not even bother to call him for interview. After many failed attempts he was not only disheartened but felt hopeless.

He heard about NDS from one his friends and after discussing it with his parents decided to visit. After coming to NDS and seeing deaf teachers teaching, hearing people using sign language and deaf people working in places like Axis Bank, Mphasis he was shocked. He went home shared with his father what he saw and asked if his younger deaf brother can also come with him to learn, they eventually joined NDS in July, 2012. But Rajesh knew that his father is having a hard time supporting him and his brother so he made it his mission to work hard and get a job as soon as he can. He completed his course in Keyboarding, Indian Sign Language, MS Office and English Communication and Skills training Level -1,2 at NDS. 

Medi Assist has already piloted employment initiative with us for their office in Noida. Seeing the capabilities of our deaf students they decided to expand the initiative and re-recruit in their Bangalore office. Rajesh was shortlisted for the interview and was taken to Medi Assist office. He cleared the interview and soon after joined the Bangalore office. Today he is working and making a mark for himself in the professional world. He is ecstatic about being able to support his family and proudly say that “I support my family”. It is dream come true for him and his family. When asked about his future plans, he just says that he wants to work and prove himself.










Kanheya, Team Member, Domino’s Pizza

Kanheya was born hearing, youngest of five siblings, two of them being deaf. Things were going well for them, but unfortunately Kanheya fell sick at the age of 4. Initially the family thought it was just normal fever, but prolonged illness worried them. He lost his hearing ability at the age of 8 despite doctor’s assurances that it was a temporary condition. When the realization hit the family that he was never going to speak or hear again, they were shattered. The fact of having three deaf sons with no scope of employment and one daughter of marriageable age left them disheartened.
In this situation of distress, his brothers heard about NDS and visited it to explore employment opportunities for themselves. Today, they are successfully working and are grateful to NDS for its support.
Kanheya’s brothers’ success at work brought him to NDS too. However his aspirations were different. He came with a dream of making a name for himself and supporting his family. He joined various courses at NDS and when opportunity came for employment in Domino’s, he grabbed it. He is now successfully working in an outlet in Ghaziabad.  The three deaf brothers who the family thought were incapable are the bread earners now. Kanheya wishes to continue working at Domino’s and hopes that someday he can become a manager. All the trainers at NDS have only one thing to say about him “He has faced all sorts of problems through his life, but he still remains positive” …something we can all learn.









Ankita Kalyani, Proof Reader, Sage Publication

Ankita was born deaf. Panic and despair struck her family when they realized she was deaf after a year. They were frantic and started going to different doctors, trying to seek their help. They even went till Madras and Mumbai, desperately looking for a solution to the problem of their daughter’s deafness. This
process went on for a year. Finally they conceded and came to terms with the fact that their daughter was deaf.
Growing up with 2 siblings and parents who were hearing was not easy. Ankita often wondered what she did to deserve such a life. Her father was the only bread winner which put a lot of pressure on her because she was the oldest sibling. She decided then that she wanted to take control of her life and stop being a liability to her family. She came to NDS for help and divided her time between NDS and school. Through NDS’s training program, she regained her confidence and further developed her skills. All her hard work paid off as she was offered a job in Sage Publication as a Proof Reader. She is very happy now as she is able to support her family financially. “Her family is very proud of her accomplishments and are grateful to NDS” said by her mother.









Haider Ali, Crew Member, Joost Foods Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Haider Ali has been deaf since birth. His years as a child and a teenager were spent trapped in a mute world where no-one taught or spoke sign language. A disability is seen in India as a curse for sins committed in the past life. Thus, it is no surprise that the country invests little in disabled facilities. The disabled are seen as deviant and often ignored. Hearing teachers sometimes even force deaf children to lip read. Similar complaints were made by Ali who said that his teachers used to mistreat deaf students. They never taught with a purpose of educating their students. The teachers always did their job half heartedly.
As a grown man, Ali often worried about supporting his family financially. As the family business was crumbling due to competition from better quality handicrafts, the pressure shifted upon the three brothers. His younger brother was also born deaf. Thus, the family found themselves stuck in a helpless situation.The two deaf brothers decided that they would not let their disability come in their way. They decided to join NDS and give it a try because their family had heard a lot of positive feedback about the training programs and job placements they provide. They received favorable responses as the younger brother got a job at KFC while Ali got a job with the Joost Foods Venture as a crew member.
Haider Ali now married with a child, is just happy to be working and supporting his family. He feels that he owes it all to NDS for believing in him and his brother and providing them with an opportunity to work for a living. Their family is also very satisfied.



Pankaj Kumar Dutta, Customer Service Associate, Food Street Pvt. Ltd.

Pankaj comes from a simple family in Bihar. His life has always been plagued by adversities. His father died when he was a little boy. The grief of his father’s death was accompanied by the shifting of the household responsibility onto him and his mother. His mother took up a job as a clerk in BSF and moved to Delhi to support herself and her only son.  It didn’t take him long to realize that his mother will soon become old and unable to work as much.  After completing his schooling, he came to NDS looking for a job.  His eagerness to work and his commitment impressed NDS and they decided to help him find a suitable job. Within a few months he was placed as a trainee with a renowned hotel in Delhi.
He worked with them for over 2 years but was not put on their pay rolls and the salary didn’t increase either. Now with a family of 2 children, his wife and his mother to support and take care of, he realized he needed to find a more paying job to meet the daily requirements of the household. When he came to NDS with this dilemma, he was placed with Food Street Pvt Ltd, a QSR venture of Devyani at the IGI airport after much deliberation.
He has been working with them for almost 8 months now and the feedback about him has been exceptional. His family was also called to the restaurant on their Annual Day to felicitate his hard work and dedication. One of the two candidates, whose families were called, accrues to his continued hard work and persistence. His employers are very happy to have him on board and constantly praise him. They call him “guest maniac” in their own lingo.
Both NDS and his family are very proud of how far he has come. This is just the beginning of a very bright future that awaits Pankaj.



Suraj Agarwal, Crafts Assistant, Xylem

Suraj was born in March 1990 in a small town called Giridh in Jharkhand. Just six days after he was born, he suffered from really high fever which hampered and completely impaired his hearing ability.  It took his mother six months to understand the extremity of the situation. He became the object of pity in the house. Everyone just felt sorry for him but no one actually knew what he was feeling from inside.
Their grocery business just fetched them enough money to sustain their household. With the added pressure of their deaf son’s special education and treatment, the family found itself in a soup. Even after consulting many hospitals, their efforts towards betterment of their son’s condition failed. Not losing hope, his parents got him admitted into a deaf school in Jamshedpuri where he completed his 10th grade. But this did not put an end to the family’s struggle.
Suraj found out about NDS through word of mouth and immediately packed his bags. He worked hard at NDS and acquired many skills. He was always very enthusiastic to learn new things. Having some previous knowledge about sign language, he had a relatively smoother transition compared to his other deaf peers. Upon getting his certificate in MS office, and other programs, he was finally ready to get into a full time job and earn for himself. He was taken to Xylem, a manufacturing company, for an interview. Impressed with his confidence and skills, the company immediately accepted him. He has been working with them for almost a year now and the company is very satisfied with his work.
His parents are very happy that he is finally standing on his feet and making a living for himself. Their son, who was a source of embarrassment to them earlier, was finally an earning and independent member of society. 



Vedprakash, Crafts Assistant, Xylem

Vedprakash was born in Faizabad into a five member household. His father, a Hindu Pandit, was devastated upon realizing the reality of his son's deafness. Being extremely religious, he blamed it all on the sins he might have committed in his previous incarnation. His mother's death, a few years ago, added to the misery of the family. Consequently, his father had to bear the brunt of this whole situation as he was the only earning member of the family. Vedprakash studied in a school for the deaf till 10th grade, after which he moved to Ayodhya, where he was forced to attend a regular school. He encountered a situation where no one could understand him. He was unable to express himself and was very unhappy in that environment. It didn't take him long to realize that his father's meager earnings will not be enough anymore to sustain the household. He decided to take charge of the situation and moved to Delhi to live with his brother in order to complete his education and look for a job. He was excited to hear about NDS as he felt that he would finally be able to communicate freely with people much like him. He enrolled himself in the training program immediately. Due to the long traveling hours, he shifted closer to Noida in order to dedicate more time to NDS.

With the help and constant motivation from NDS, Vedprakash was finally able to get a job with Xylem. He is very happy now because he was finally able to become self sufficient after years of struggle. Thanks to NDS, his disability was no longer an obstacle for him in life. 






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