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Noida Deaf Society

“Every one of us is different in some way, but for those of us who are more different, we have to put more effort into convincing the less different that we can do the same thing they can, just differently.”

Marlee Matlin (Deaf American Actress)

The Vision of Noida Deaf Society is to mainstream the Deaf people into the community through specialized vocational programs leading to gainful employment.

Our Mission is to focus not on the disability but the ability of the Deaf! For NDS believes that the Deaf can do everything except hear. We provide vocational training to the Deaf to enhance their employability quotient and enable them to become contributive partners of society. 

Our Objectives are as follows :
  • Develop Life skills amongst the Deaf
  • Build employability skills for Deaf youth
  • Provide Education to Deaf Children
  • Create a pool of Deaf trainers
  • Develop teaching and learning resources for the Deaf community


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