Our Activities and Programs
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Activities and Programs

  NDS aims at bestowing knowledge based education to the Deaf in the areas of social awareness. For this we conduct such programs like health, HIV/AIDS awareness, Life Skill Workshops etc. The several activities conducted over the years are:  
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Ruma attended Teach for India

On the 18th of January 2014 Ms. Ruma Roka attended “Delhi City Conference” which was organized by Teach for India. The purpose of the conference was to do a Leadership Forum with their fellows. She took a session on "Inclusiveness in classroom with reference to the integration of the deaf and the mute" her presentation was much appreciated by the fellows and all the other speakers present in the conference. After the meeting she received good feedback and met with many educated youth who are passionate about the education


Workshops/ Conference

On 30th January, 25 students of NDS along with Ruma participated in a special creative enquiry workshop held at NGMA National Gallery of Modern Art. It was a solo exhibition of work by Subodh Gupta, entitled ‘everything is inside’. Students were motivated seeing different sections of the exhibition. They too participated after forming three groups, discussed among themselves and came up with beautiful and meaningful work on ‘books give us wings’, ‘I have everything in my house’ .


Columbia Asia Hospital Visit

On 31st Jan, a team from Columbia Asia Hospital visited and conducted Hearing Assessment on children at Primary Education Centre, ENT specialists conducted tests to shortlist students who could be benefitted / retain hearing power and speech from surgical intervention.


Felicitation Ceremony

Annual Felicitation Ceremony, event of Certification of our Graduating Students of IT programs namely Basic IT, The Desktop Publishing/ Graphic Design, Computer Networking Hardware Course. These programs have been accredited by the NIIT foundation. 135 deaf students from NDS were awarded with certificates by - Our Chief Guest Dr. Naresh Gupta, Senior Vice President, Print and Publishing, and Managing Director, Adobe India, our Guest of honour- Mr. Farhat Jamal , Area Manager & General Manager Shangri-La's - Eros Hotel, Brigadier Rajiv Williams Corporate Head – CSR, Jindal Stainless Limited, Mr. P. Rajendran, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Director, NIIT, Padma Shree, Mr.B.S.Das - Chairman Fairwood Group. , Mr. Pierre de Rancourt, Managing Director, COWI India (P) Ltd., Mr.Dheeraj Bhushan- Director of Human Resource- Shangri La’s Eros Hotel. We were honored to have them with us for the day. Two students namely – Jatinder Kalsa and Angali Yadav were also awarded with The Nirmala Das Award for Excellence by Mr.B.S.Das. 


Happy Holi

Holi, on 14th March, student and staff of NDS celebrated Holi with enthusiasm and gaiety marking the season of hope and joy, the gloom of the winter goes as it promises the bright summer days. It was celebrated with fun full of color and with great joy.



JNU Students

Dr. Melisa, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Linguistic, JNU along with her students visited us on 21st March. The purpose of their visit was to study the use of Sign Language. They were quite amazed at the academic activities that the society is conducting in such systemic ways, (with a designed curriculum) and the availability of technological aids for such purpose. It was indeed inspirational for them to find how much the society has done for the Deaf community in just a short span of time.


Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicap

On 4th March, 2014 seven students of Indian Sign Language from AYJNIHH, New Delhi accompanied by their teacher Mr. Arvind Karbhari visited Noida Deaf Society (NDS) as a part of their exposure visit. The students interacted with the NDS students and the trainers to know about their views. They also interacted with the Founder of the organization and the Management team. The group expressed deep gratitude to the entire NDS on concluding their visit. Expressing their feelings, the group leader Ms Sangeeta Singh penned down her words “It was a wonderful experience meeting all people associated with NDS. We would like to associate ourselves with NDS in future. With Best wishes...”


Ruma was invited to speak at the Townhall organized by a leading Hospitality group Holiday Inn & Crowne Plaza

On 29th April’14. Ruma took this opportunity to address a large gathering of hotel staff including the key functionaries as well as representatives of various departments of the hotel about NDS, the work NDS is doing for the deaf community and to share her idea of mainstreaming the deaf youth by breaking the language barrier and enabling them to be productive partners in the industry.




A team comprising of 14 people

Dhaulagiri Deaf (Residential) School, Baglung Birat Deaf Secondary School, Biratnagar & Ministry of Education/Department, Nepal , visited NDS. The visit enabled them to gain better understanding of the work NDS is doing and the pedagogy being followed by NDS. Their visit to NDS enhanced their knowledge on empowering Deaf youth.


A Team of Teach for India

A team of Teach for India fellows visited NDS on 16th April. The purpose of this visit was to understand our work and to have a face to face time with the Deaf youth by observing them and the class rooms.The fellows also interacted with the students, Ruma, facilitators and instructors after which they had small and large group reflection.


Patel Vidyalaya (SPV)

Patel Vidyalaya (SPV) every year organizes an Activity Week under which the students of higher secondary classes opt and choose from different vocational classes.. Like previous years, this year also NDS was invited to hold sign language classes for the students. The three day long workshop took off on 15th April to continue till 17th. NDS trainers Mona and Ravi Dwivedi accompanied by Ruma and Aditi, from NDS facilitated the sessions held in the school.


Yum! Academy

Yum is the World largest Restaurant Company. NDS conducted One Month Training Programme on Retail & Hospitality with Yum Academy under their CSR activities. The training would enable the deaf youth to know the concept of fast food restaurant and to understand better Retail and Hospitality Industries such as difference between Retail and Hospitality, types of retail & hospitality, benefits and disadvantages. Five modules of the Yum Acadamy were taught which includes - personal hygiene and grooming, food safely, work ethics, positive attitude team work. They also conducted field visit . This training enhanced skill set and hence employability of deaf youth in the same sector would increase. A month long training program went off well with much interactions and enthusiasms shown by the students as the same was accompanied by an inspirational video show as well time to time. Exam was conducted to assess their learning with the completion of
the training and now students are eagerly waiting for the results and certificates.


Parents Counselling Session in Civil lines Center

On 2nd May’14 NDS conducted an interactive as well as counseling session with the parents of the students of Lady Noyce School, Delhi Gate . The basic objective of conducting this session was to motivate the parents to encourage their wards to join our Summer Special program as well as regular courses at our Civil lines centre, New Delhi & Sector-36, Noida. In total, 52 parents attended the session which lasted for more than 3 hours. The sessions witnessed parents putting up a lot of queries related to Summer as well as regular program, its certification, the timings, about our centre location & the employment opportunities we are offering after the courses. Some parents had concerns about their wards esp females travelling to our centres in the afternoon hours. NDS team addressed their concerns citing past & current experiences and it was felt that the parents were feeling bit satisfied with the outcome of the session.
The Special Program has received a good response from the parents and they have shown keen interest in it.


Children taking audiometric tests

“Star Key Foundation is an organization which has been helping our deaf students every year with the hearing aids. This year Star Key is associating with the Being human Foundation to distribute hearing aids to the deaf students. The students who had some audibility and are coming from financially weaker backgrounds would be benefitted with the technically advanced hearing aids. This gadget combined with speech therapy would help the young deaf students get some speech. On 6th of May, Ear Moulds were taken of the eligible candidates and Audiometric test conducted which will help the doctors to identify the type of Hearing aid to be given to a particular student.”



Look up with Adobe

Adobe has been NDS knowledge partner. They have been supporting and empowering us in IT related matter by giving TOTs (Training of Trainers) time to time. This time too, Mr. Amit Agarwal from Adobe took training session with NDS Trainers and staff on Excel's VLOOKUP & Pivot Table. This training enables us learn how to find specific information in large data tables such as NDS Students data, an inventory list of parts or a large contact list; he taught us on the usage of formulas and its function that can be used to create specific lookup formulas. And also the steps to find specific information in a spreadsheet table


New Center

The Jaipur centre which shifted a month back to a new place got inaugurated on 2nd June, 2014. And is now completely supported by Axis Bank Foundation. Dnyanada Karnad from Axis Bank Foundation came from Mumbai to attend the inauguration. Axis Bank Circle Head, Mr. Anil Aggarwal also graced the event with his presence. The ribbon cutting ceremony was followed by Ruma giving Mr. Anil a brief about the programme. Teachers Pankaj and Suresh gave the details about the centre and thanked Mr. Anil for taking time out of his schedule to come. Mr. Anil shared his experience that he was elated to be there with NDS. He also had offered to facilitate the visit by NDS students to the Axis Bank in Jaipur. Dnyanada also shared her experience of being with NDS for so long and she also asked the students to grab this opportunity and learn as much as they can.


NDS Students have fun at World Of Wonders

About 50 students accompanied by their teachers went to World of Wonder (Wow) in Sector-18 Noida on 22nd August. According to students “We were simply astounded by all the slides and activities we saw. All of us enjoyed ourselves and we would like to thank all the lifeguards present there for their patience in helping us and sharing safety guidelines with us”.


Independence Day Celebrations at NDS

Towards inculcating a spirit of respect for our nation, NDS celebrated Independence day with much enthusiam. Amidst a strong feeling of patritoism the staff and students started the celebrations by sharing the story of Bhagat Singhs, followed by the signinficance of India’s Independence day and the struggles that went in achieving freedom for the country. The team then got together with the students to fly kites.


Teachers at NDS

5th September- NDS celebrated teachers’ day at different centers. The primary wing celebrated the day with the students being informed about the relevance of the day followed by speeches and dance performances by the students. At NDS 36, a presentation about Dr. Radhakrisnan was shown to the students. Students were also shown a movie entitled ‘Pursuit of happiness’ the main intention was to draw inspiration. Later Ruma addressed the students and explained the role of teachers in a student’s life.


Teachers Day at NDS Hissar

Brig. William, CSR head of JSL inaugurated the program. Skits, dances & fashion shows formed a part of the celebrations. NDS students presented “The Silent National Anthem” which was much appreciated. It touched the heart of all who saw it.


Foundation's Day Celebration

13th June is a special day for the students and staff of NDS. This is the day when Ruma founded NDS and this special day is celebrated every year with much exuberance. Ravi Dwivedi and Digvijay, our trainer and Volunteer respectively took on the stage as emcees and started the program by welcoming everyone and sharing the significance of the day. We then had Ruma on the stage where she once again motivated and inspired the students and team to move ahead despite odds. This was followed by her presentation. Everyone especially the older students felt nostalgic looking at the pictures and going down memory lane. The highlight of the day were experience sharing, certification for staff and trainers who have completed five years of working with NDS, dance and mime performances from students and of all the outreach centres of Delhi, Jaipur and Hisar depicting some comic and some more serious issues. Mime performed by hearing staff depicting their first experience in NDS was much fun aided color to the celebration. The deaf girls of NDS presented a perfectly coordinated dance
performance and even though there was no music, the energy levels were infectious. Celebrations concluded with the lunch.


Yum Academy Certification

A result for a month long training programme on Retail & Hospitality with Yum Academy which completed last month has been declared. 20 students who got enrolled for the training completed the training successfully and they were awarded with certificates by Yum Academy. Ankit and the team from Yum Academy with Ruma and Aditi from NDS. This certificate will help them in applying for jobs in retails sector


Shangri – La Eros Hotel’s Embrace

NDS has been collaboratingith Shangri-La Eros Hotel for any programmes related to Hospitality. This year too we are implementing three months training programme on hospitality in collaboration with Shangri-La Eros Hotel under their CSR initiatives. The programme is called Shangri – La Eros Hotel Embrace Training. In this training, trainees are made to understand the whole detail of Hotel such as - the term Hotel, Hotel overview, overview of different departments of hotel. Purpose of people coming to stay in hotels; facilities a hotel provides; importance of good guest services and ensuring guest comfort and satisfaction with the service etc. This kind of training allows them to embrace the insight of Hospitality Industry and hence leverage their skill which enables them to get a job in Hospitality Industry at ease.



A day prior to the joining of three Deaf Candidates, a team from NDS conducted sensitization session with the supervisors Mr. Bhawani Singh & Mr. Hemant Kumar and their colleagues at Imperial Automobiles at Faridabad. Ms. Kitty Gupta took a brief session of Sign Language. She briefed them about Deaf youth capabilities & abilities, about their culture. She conducted a small sign language session by teaching the students alphabets and basic vocabulary in sign language the brief session was focused on process specific vocabulary and basic communication as to how to communicate with each other in work place. NDS team member Mr. Sameer and Ms. Kitty went with the Students who would be joining the Company the following day to also have a round of exposure to all the sections of the Unit..




Barclays Shared Services (Finance Team) conducted a training session with NDS Students on 24th July, on the following topics - Employability and Life Etiquette and resume making. Post the team introduction, Barclays Team took over the session to explain NDS students about employability and then the students were asked to draw their dream jobs and to share thoughts on their drawings, followed by a group activity and training session on resume making. The resume making session provided valuable inputs to the participants about making of a good resume.


Parents Teachers Meeting

On the 25th July, Primary Wing at sector - 29 conducted Parents - Teacher Meeting. 40 parents attended the meeting which was a noticeable attendance from the parents. The purpose of the meeting was to counsel the parents about their wards’ performance in school and their behavioral changes at home.


Unleashing the Potential of Persons with Disabilities

Which was attended by 40 employers. The workshop session had two panels, one was of role models sharing their experiences wherein Ms Ruma was one of the panel members. The second panel was of employers who have ensured inclusion in their organizations- at work place.


AIF Workshop

On 15th July, American Indian Foundation organized an Employer’s Sensitization Workshop at Gurgoan. Ms. Ruma Roka was invited to a panel discussion on the same. The theme of the workshop was – ‘Unleashing the Potential of Persons with Disabilities’, which was attended by 40 employers. The workshop session had two panels, one was of role models sharing their experiences wherein Ms Ruma was one of the panel members. The second panel was of employers who have ensured inclusion in their organizations- at work place


Training Session

NIIT Foundation Partner's Meet - NIIT Foundation has been NDS's partner for almost 7 years now. Every year they organize partner’s meet for the different organizations they are working with, to help identify the challenges faced in last year and best practices. This gives an opportunity to all the partners to come on the same platform and address these concerns and look for common solutions. This year also they conducted a partner's meet where the main agenda was to help build capacities of different partners on issues like - forming new linkages for FINANCIAL support and employment, and building capacity on effective reporting.


Coca–Cola and CNN–IBN Visit

On 21st July, 2014, a team of ten people headed by Mr. Pablo Laracha, Head of South Asia-Pacific and Mr. Sameer, PR Head, Coca- Cola, along with a CNN-IBN Executive and AIF staff visited NDS to meet the VEER Candidates and to have an interaction with them. VEER – ‘unleashing the inner potential of Persons with Disabilities’ is a collaborative campaign launched by Thums UP and Being Human, in association with the American Indian Foundation (AIF) with the aim of reaching more than 1000 persons with disabilities, with skill training and employability opportunities. NDS is one of the implementing partners and we have trained more than 30 candidates till date under this project. So, the senior leadership wanted to meet these students to interact with them, to understand the deaf community and also to understand about the work NDS is doing.


Outreach Center

NDS is proud to announce opening of a new center in Jammu in collaboration with Tirath Ram Satya Devi Charitable Trust. We have been associated with the Trust for a long time, where they have added much value to our work by sponsoring shelter of the students coming from different parts of the country to access training at NDS. This is a next step in our continuing partnership, where they have graciously given us infrastructure to start a center in Jammu. A need for an outreach centre was felt as many of our Deaf over the years were travelling from Jammu and Kashmir to access training at our centre in Noida. There were many more who wanted to come but were unable to join because of the distance and the high living expenses in Noida. To reach out to these deaf youth living in this part of the country, NDS is starting an outreach centre in Jammu. The opening of the center was done on 8th August, 2014 in presence of Ms. Vijay Laxmi Khattar of Tirath Ram Satya Devi Charitable Trust and Ms. Ruma Roka, Founder, NDS and many distinguished guests of the Trust. We are providing training in Indian Sign Language (ISL), English Communication and like Skills. These programmes provide the foundation to build skills in the deaf youth. All the classes are conducted in highly interactive visual medium done in Sign Language to make them accessible to the Deaf students. Experience of sharing through peer education and role models helps the students to develop confidence and become motivated to achieve in their lives as well. The two trainers - Ramnath Singh and Mukesh Thackyal have taken up responsibility of the complete center. We hope to reach out to many Deaf Youth based in this country through our initiative.


Independence Day Celebration

Leaving aside regular and mundane chores of everyday duty, many people take day off and spend the day with family members or close friends. Some eat a picnic in a park, go to a film or eat lunch or dinner at home or in a restaurant and many spend their time enjoying kite flying on the terrace on this day. NDS paid homage to the nation in good respect and enthusiasm, we (staff )too went kite flying on the terrace with the students who had been demonstrating high spirit of patriotism and feeling the importance of being a liberated or a free nation as their kites were soaring high against the strong wave of wind which symbolizes Independence. On this day the skies were seen dotted with kites flown from rooftops and fields symbolizing the free spirit of India. This reminded all of us of the pain and the struggle our freedom fighter went through in the past to win Indian Independence.


Sensitization Session

NDS team conducts sensitization session time to time with employers and the team to make them understand about the deaf community better and also to create healthy working environment at their work places. In August, NDS visited Taj Vivanta, Delhi and LiteBite Foods, Gurgoan. The intent for such visit is to conduct Basic Sign Language training session for hearing team of the companies who would be working with the deaf; to enhance effective communication and proper coordination among the deaf and the hearing team as knowing sign language enable hearing people to communicate with the deaf well; to avoid misunderstanding among them which eventually enables the deaf to understand instructions clearly and hence perform their duty accordingly well.


Amarjyoti Charitable Trust’s visit

On 26th August, 2014, Amarjyoti Charitable Trust’s visit to NDS. Amarjyoti charitable trust, Karkardoma, which is a pioneer in Inclusive education, visited NDS, a pioneer in deaf education. The first year students of Amarjyoti pursuing a D.Ed in DHH (Deaf and hard of hearing); (2014-2016) were given a tour of NDS. The intent for such visit was to understand the deaf community and the works that NDS is doing. This visit was an eye opener for the students who have just stepped into the ocean of deaf education. They were mesmerized by the fact that all the trainers at NDS are deaf and quite skilled at their area of work. They were taken through the array of courses offered by NDS; helping the deaf students to enhance their life skills and employability skills. The students of Amarjyoti were surprised to know that deaf can make excellent workers. Visiting NDS certainly broadened their horizons. They understood that deaf are not dumb; if given a conducive environment they can grow into productive contributors to themselves, the society and the nation at large.


TMF’s Visit

On 23rd August, TMF visited NDS primary center sec-29 this was the first visit of TMF after they started supporting us. Since Mr. Anurodh has just joined them some days back. Hence the purpose of the visit was to just see how our centre works and what we do. We briefed him about the program. He was very happy to see how the deaf children are learning at NDS. We had a discussion about what TMF is supporting us with and how volunteers can be involved into the program. For the education visit which is planned for September, we have proposed if the students can visit Tech Mahindra office and volunteers can plan an activity with the students, which he was positive about. In the end he said that he would come again and observe the classes more carefully.


Coca cola Visit

Coca-Cola Advisory Councils on Environment and Sustainability (ACES) members Visited NDS on 18th September, 2014. The visit started with a teeka ceremony for the visitors by deaf students. After which Ms Aparna, Program Manager, AIF briefed on VEER execution and how AIF in partnership with Coke and CNN-IBN is successfully running the VEER campaign followed by Ms. Ruma’s presentation about NDS. She also shared about various sectors/industries and profiles where deaf are performing well proven their potentiality. Mr. Ravi (English Trainer) and Ms. Inu (DTP Trainer) shared their experiences. Mr. Malik urged the students to work hard and never to give up. General Mallik and Mr. Jolly congratulated Ruma for her efforts and said that they are inspired. NDS team then thanked Mr. Malik and other dignitaries by presenting them thank you cards.


Certification cum Teacher’s Day Celebration

NDS sec-36 celebrated Teacher’s Day with revelry. A lot of students and staff were present. Ruma congratulated the students who had completed their courses successfully, exhorted to work harder for better performance and also explained the role of teachers/trainers in student’s life and shared views on the occasion. This was followed by distribution of certificates. 35 Students who had completed six months Course in MS office and 13 students who had completed three months course in Hardware and Networking were awarded with certificates. Then some students performed mime. All the trainers and staff members were later presented with a pen as a token of appreciation for their hard work and constructive support. The program ended with light refreshment.


Hisar students celebrated Teacher’s day

Hisar students celebrated Teacher’s day at Tulsi Bhawan in the premises of the JSL Plant The chief guest was Mr. Subhash Garg; Head of the Electrical Department. Ms. Rajshri Anand; CSR Hissar Head emceed the program. She also shared the importance of Financial Independence of women. The audience was taken through the various CSR initiatives of JSL.The students of the electrical Department were felicitated with certificates by Mr. SubhashGarg, the Chief Guest for the evening. The JSL students from various centers presented an extraordinary performance like fashion show, dances etc. NDS stole the limelight with its Mime presentation and ending the program with the silent national Anthem. Celebrated with enthusiasm and fervor by the students and the teachers Overall, the visit helped us to connect with our students better and also made our vision to empower the deaf stronger.


Shangrila’s Eros Hotel Felicitation Ceremony

On 29th September, Shangri la Eros Hotel hosted a felicitation Ceremony for the students who have completed Shangri-La’s Embrace Programme. The Event was attended by the management heads of different hotels.Mr. Dheeraj Bhushan, Director (HR), welcomed the distinguished guests of the evening and briefed about EMBRACE, he specifically mentioned as to why it is associated with NDS while appreciating the deaf for their excellence performance and for being good learners. Ms. Ruma Roka took the guests through a presentation challenges and abilities of the deaf community & shared about the various courses run by NDS followed by heartwarming dance & mime performances from the students of NDS. Mr. Neeraj Agarwal, one of our trustees graced the event by his presence. Mr. Jamal & Mr. Bhushan felicitated the certificate holders and thus the event concluded with great joy.


Ruma’s Meeting With Delhi University

On 29th Sept, Ms. Ruma Roka had an interactive session with Delhi University students at the India International Center, organized by TEDxGateway as part of their campus connect program. Her previous TEDxGateway talk was shown and after that she spoke to the students about the NDS journey till now and sensitized them about what it means to be deaf in India- the way NDS is continuing to train through innovative methods and push for employment of our youth. This was followed by an interactive session of question and answer based on the show with all students asking very deep and relevant questions such as how she got inspired to do this work and how they can be part of it. They were so motivated and inspired by what NDS is doing


Film Making Competition on Gender Equality

On 27 th Sept, NDS Team led by Ms. Anjena AND Mr. Vishal Participated in film Making Challenge on “Aarambh – The Practice of Everyday Equality” with special focus on every aspect of Women Enrichment by Exploring Domestic Violence, Workplace Harassment, Sexual Abuse and Rape. This was a campaign of generate understanding of gender equality through language and word choice organized by Prabhaav Foundation and NGO Sakshi and was held in Sur Taal Theatre. For detail please go to the link given below. http://youtu.be/92pTGt6OXS0


Workshop on Heifers’s Cornerstones

Asset India conducted a workshop with NDS students on a 12 Heifer Cornerstones. The main focus of the training is to bring value based attitudinal changes in an individual; to help participants to go through a journey of personal leadership and positive attitude and behavior; to help participants to experience the internalization of Heifer Cornerstones and its impacts. The12 Cornerstones are as mentioned below- Passing on the gift, Responsibility and Accountability, Sharing and Caring Sustainability and Self- Reliance, Improved Animal and Resource Management, Nutrition & Health and Income, Gender and Family Focus, Genuine Needs and Justice, Improving the Environment, Training, Education and Communication, Spirituality. The training was conducted by Mr. Dr. Abhinav Gaurav and Mr. Prabaharan, Heifer India. 24 students of Educom, NDS, attended the training. They participated well and awarded with participation certificates.


Exposure visit to Tech Mahindra - NSEZ Office

17th Oct, TMF organized an exposure visit cum Diwali Celebration at Tech Mahindra-NSEZ office for primary wing, NDS. 20 students along with 5 teachers participated the event. Students painted diyas and made Diwali cards, the same were put on display for sale to raise funds as part of their Diwali Celebration. It was delightful to see student’s creative work. Such opportunities help NDS and TMF to build a stronger relationship and in a more comfort level. The whole event was planned and executed with the help of Mr. Rajesh, Mr. Anurodh and Ms. Shailey from Tech Mahindra.


Visit to the Botanical Garden

On the 31st of October 2014 (Friday), the PE wing of NDS was taken to an Educational Visit to the BGIR (Botanical Garden of the Indian Republic), Noida. The scientist-in-charge, Dr. Sheo Kumar, sharing with us the mandate of the BGIR and took us through a medicinal plant section that has 250 varieties clubbed under 8 categories of human diseases and took us to other sections as well.After a pleasant two hour sojourn in the garden the students & the teachers were treated with burgers. The students were happy to have a day off from the regular teachings.


School Mobilization

As part of our mobilization program, Navneet, one of NDS deaf trainers from Civil Lines Center & Ms. Anjena, had gone to Government school for the Deaf in Rohini. The school is still in 8th grade. They met the Principal and could share with her more about NDS and the work we are doing. They shared the pamphlets and brochure with her which she agreed to share with students. They also had a chance to meet students, post the school hours. There were 20-25 students who gathered and were very interested and even called their other friends. They were informed about our courses and asked them to join our centre at Civil Lines with due permission from parents.Navneet, being a deaf trainer was able to inspire the deaf students immensely who gave their guardian’s contact number, they then, contacted all the parents & convinced them to allow their wards to join NDS.


Job Fair at VRC

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), in partnership with the National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC) and the National Foundation for Corporate Governance (NFCG), organized a Job Fair for Persons with Disabilities on Thursday, 16 October 2014 at the Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped, Karkarduma, Delhi. Shri Thaawar Chand Gehlot, Hon’ble Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment graced the occasion with his presence and interacted with the participating employers to understand their needs and challenges in terms of mainstreaming PwD into their workforces. The Special Interactive session was held with the Minister post the job fair and NDS was invited to participate in the interaction. The one day Job Fair was commenced with the aim to bring together prospective employers and deserving candidates and enable on the spot job interviews as mentioned. The candidates were identified by CII’s implementing partners who work in this area, based on the job requirements shared by the prospective employers



NDS celebrated Diwali on 22nd October. In the evening all staff and students gathered to offer prayers to the god of auspiciousness for ‘prosperity and wealth’ followed by lighting of diyas. Sweets were distributed and we all greet each other before we were out door to play fireworks. We had a good time of celebrating ‘Victory over evil and light over darkness.’


Lok Sabha TV

On 7th November, Mr. Gynendra from Lok Sabha TV visited the primary center, sec-29 for a small TV shoot which they wanted to telecast on Lok Sabha TV Channel. The purpose of the programme was to understand and to show the world how hearing impaired people especially the little ones children are learning different subjects in school – like Maths, Science, English etc. They were then taken to nearby park and made them enjoy through various educative games such as blocks, jigsaw paintings. Children enjoy the shooting program.


Children’s Day

On 14th Nov, Children’s Day was organized in a special way for our little ones in primary centre with a team from Kempinski Ambience Hotel, Delhi. They had quality time spent with our children playing and interacting with the kids along with a quick snack and balloon they brought for the children


Workshop on Heifers’ Cornerstone

The two weeks long workshop as mentioned earlier which started on 31st Oct has ended on 18th Nov. participants were awarded with certificate after the completion of the training successfully. Their performances throughout the sessions were commendable. Empowering them with such personalities could bring value based attitudinal changes in their lives.


Cricket Match & Football Match

On 19th Nov’14 JSL, organized a soft ball cricket match in Hisar for NIIT, Electrical and NDS students from Hisar center aslo participated in the event. The main objective of the event was to bridge between the deaf and the hearing people in way that all the players have to communicate in sign language or through actions with each other so that hearing person were compelled to communicate with deaf that they learn sign language and this would also teach them team building strategies and to move towards successful endeavors. It’s a game with a difference. Students were divided in two team as - Team A – Stainless Steel XI (NDS+ Electrical Students) and Team B- Bindal Yuva Star (NDS & NIIT students.) The two teams Stainless Steel XI made 99 runs and Jindal Yuva Star (NIIT & NDS Students) made 75 runs Winner- Stainless Steel XI (Electrical & NDS Students) Mr. Egbert, Principal OPJMS was the chief guest. The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly. On the same day, NDS students from sec-36 participated in Foot ball match held in Ghaziabad which was organized
by SHRI ADWAIT PARIWAR FOUNDATION. And NDS student won first position.


Picnic at Park

On 28th November, the students of NDS, Primary School were taken to the nearby park for a small picnic arranged by Merlin. Teachers of the school were also gone with them. All enjoyed playing and roaming at the park. All had Burger and cold drink. It was a joyful picnic.


Painting Competition

On 21st November a painting competition was organized by Lioness Club for Primary School, NDS, the competition was held in three groups namely; Group - A: Nursery & L.K.G. ; Group - B: U.K.G. & Class- I and Group -C: Class II & class III.


New Program: Beauty Culture

NDS launched beauty culture programme on 3rd December, 2014. Training in Beauty Culture helps not only in Personal Grooming but is Career Oriented also. It would not only impart art of Beauty Culture but fetch job opportunities for the deaf women as well. The theoretical and Practical Training imparting to the girls would help them in establishing themselves. As mentioned earlier, they are doing theory with practical on facial, threading, waxing manicure and Pedicure. There are five girls as of now taking the training and Ms. Nirmala, who has a good experience of more than 10 year on the profession, is giving the training.


Ruma on DNS

“One success story after another has helped NDS in breaking the myth about deaf youth,” explains Ruma. We do not want the deaf people to be taken as a charity asserts Ruma, “We invite companies and ask them and make our kids ready with the kind of skill set they are looking for. If they feel they lack something, we ask them to help us teach these kids so that they can work.” When asked what gives motivation to her to carry on this work, Ruma was swift with the reply, “It’s them, their hunger to learn, work, explore and be someone in their life, and keeps me going. Despite all the obstacles I face in running this place, when I see a student doing up-down from Sonipat, just to learn and attend a two hour class, then what I am doing is nothing, in comparison what they go through. I have students who have come to learn from places as far as Kerala in the south to the Jharkhand in the east, all this keeps me running to work for the cause,” says Ruma.


New programme

NDS started new programme on Certificate Course in Data Entry Skills on 15th Dec, 2015. However, prior to the implementation of this new programme NDS conducted TOT ( Training of Trainers ) for DATA ENTRY SKILLS for two days ( i.e., on 17 and 18 Nov, 2014) which was exclusively for trainers. On these two days, NDS trainers like IT Master Trainer, MS Office trainer etc, who would be taking the Training course, were made to undergo an intensive training session which would enabled them polishing and brightening up their skill and to make them ensure that they train the students well. This program also provides the advance Excel & Word book as desired before starting TOT for reference. Certificate Course in Data Entry Skills Training course would go on for 3 months. The selection of students for the course was done on the basis of a strict pre test. Only 16 students who could get through the test were selected for the course.


Christmas Celebration

On 24th December, Supplementary Education, NDS celebrated Christmas with Tech Mahindra Foundation. Eight volunteers came to celebrate the day with the students. They were given a brief introduction to the deaf community and were taken through the classes. They started with different activities with different group of students. The activities planned were: 1. Lemon spoon race, 2. Christmas Tree Drawing, 3. Burst Balloon, 4. Christmas Tree Decoration, 5. Treasure Hunt. The children enjoyed all the activities. A surprise package was a Santa Clause who came and distributed candies to the students. The volunteers shared that they were initially apprehensive for how they would communicate with deaf children, but once they started, they felt more comfortable. Overall, the program was enjoyed by all the volunteers as well as the children.


Educational Visit

On the 26th of December, Friday; the Supplementary Education students of NDS were taken for an educational visit to the National Science Museum, Pragati Maidan. NDS students got the opportunity to unravel the hidden treasures of the museum. Out of the many exhibits, the exhibition on “Our Science & Technology Heritage” made the students feel exhilarated. The visit to the Science Museum kindled the spirit of scientific temper in our students & the teacher.


Winter Carnival, Hisar


On 31st December, Winter Carnival was organized by Jindal Ladies Welfare Association members. They put up various stalls such as food stalls, games stalls, entertainment etc. JSL , CSR housed its initiatives under a colorful canopy showcasing its work in facilitating skills for women/youth, farmers ,awareness programs on HIV, Health related work, save the girl child project etc. NDS procures and pamphlets were also displayed in one of the stalls by NDS Team, Hisar. Ms Divya Gupta wife of SP was the chief guest. Focus TV had also taken bites for their telecast the following day.