Our Activities and Programs
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Activities and Programs

  NDS aims at bestowing knowledge based education to the Deaf in the areas of social awareness. For this we conduct such programs like health, HIV/AIDS awareness, Life Skill Workshops etc. The several activities conducted over the years are:  
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World Disability Day

December 3rd is World Disability Day and a big day for all People with Disabilities. Planning for the day started well in advance and a mime act was put together by NDS students to be presented at the India Gate lawns where thousands had congregated to celebrate the day. Several talks were also held discussing the rights and the issues related to the handicapped.


Learn sign language

The interest to learn sign language intensifies while working with deaf. This is a step towards forming strong bonds as communication bridges all gaps. At Lemon Tree Hotel the team came forward for an orientation in sign language.


Athletics Champions

A four member team participated in UP Athletics championship for Deaf held at Bareilly. All the four team members won different medals in events like 100 mts. race 200 mts. race, 100x4 mts. relay and shot put. These deaf will further participate in all India athletics championships to be held in Madurai. We ended the year with a team building session where the entire team came together as one. It was a wonderful day where the team shared about their lives, the special moments they had in the year 2010 and what they plan to do in the coming year. The team felt much stronger and united towards the vision of NDS and everyone went back feeling refreshed with new energy and excitement for the coming year. 


New centre at sector 36 Noida

In the first week of September’ 10, we shifted our centre from sector 66 to a new centre at sector 36 Noida. The seemingly enormous task of shifting was accomplished in just 2 days as all NDS team, teachers and students alike, came forward to share the labour.  With both the centres brought together under one roof, administration has been centralized saving time to concentrate on other developmental issues. Our DTP and Graphic Design and Primary Education Programme will continue to run in sector 29


Celebrated Teacher’s Day

Members of the Lioness Club ‘Siddhi’ situated in Sector 30 celebrated Teacher’s Day at the Noida Deaf Society where they honoured the teachers as a mark of gratitude for their extraordinary achievements. The members brought souvenirs as a token of appreciation for NDS staff. It is indeed a great honour and a matter of pride that our passion was recognized by such a prestigious organization. The members also distributed snacks to the students which they relished. Such recognitions are great morale boosters for our team which works selflessly to accomplish the mission. In the words of Nishi Maini, President of Lioness Club, Siddhi, “We thought of honouring these people as they have carved a niche for themselves in spite of the disabilities they are facing”.


Session on Banking by Credit Suisse Team

A training session on the fundamentals of banking covering basics of money, importance of savings and different types of accounts was conducted for NDS students by a team from Credit Suisse. This was in tandem with other skill building exercises which we carry out from time to time.



The deaf employed at different organizations are setting new benchmarks and proving to be true role models for their counterparts. The three deaf employed at Agro Tech Foods Ltd.

To manage counters at stores in different parts of NCR have been earning applaud for their commitment at work place. The company thus decided to enhance their skills further. The three with a few other deaf were given advanced training on the products and their display by Agro team themselves through a presentation and sample display. Post the training 10 more Deaf from NDS have been employed at Agro Tech and are handling retail stores all over Delhi NCR region.


Hellen Keller Movie

A movie about the life of Hellen Keller was shown to all the students and staff of NDS. This was a part of confidence building program which are carried out at NDS, to motivate them to face various challenges of life. The students were excited to learn from the life of Hellen Keller and thoroughly enjoyed the movie.


It was indeed an achievement to be a part of Pan IIT Conclave where IITians from all over India gathered.

It was an opportunity, not to be lost, to sensitize people about deaf and their capabilities as also to spread our vision. To teach and to learn was part of our agenda- teaching interested people, young and old alike, sign-language and learning from sessions of highly learned people like Nandan Nilenkani, Sheila Dikshit among others. The volume of the group of people, who visited us during the two day conclave, speaks of the eagerness of hearing people to extend a hand of support and welcome deaf to be one amongst them.


Celebrated Diwali

Festivals are an occasion of much joy and celebration at NDS. Ruma Roka, the head of our organization also makes it a point to share with the students the significance of the festival. This year as well we celebrated Diwali and it was also a learning experience as Ruma shared with them the story of Lord Ram and Sita and how their homecoming was a sign of the victory of good over evil


Deaf Cricket Match

Festive celebrations started a little early at NDS as NDS Tigers, our very own cricket team, won UP Deaf Cricket Tournament held in Aligarh. The jubilant team was given a warm welcome by all NDS students. Ankit, one of the bowlers and a teacher at NDS, won the best player of the match award after taking 5 wickets with a hat trick to his credit. .


Deaf working at Lemon Tree hotel

A refresher training for our employed Deaf working at Lemon Tree hotel was organized on 8th November’ 10. Our team also conducted a sensitization session for the hearing team members who are working closely with the Deaf in the different departments.


Shangri-La Hotel, one of our employment partners invited NDS to conduct a sign language workshop for its team members.

NDS prepared an intensive 4 day module focusing on developing Hospitality industry oriented sign language skills. There were a total of 15 participants from various departments of the hotel including managers and head of departments. The team participated in the workshop with much enthusiasm and it was wonderful to see them communicating with Deaf team members on their own using signs without any help from the interpreter. The workshop was much appreciated by the team.


We started a new initiative in partnership with Mphasis and NIIT Foundation

In the month of November’ 10. It is called ‘A Plus’ training which focuses on computer networking and hardware. It is a job oriented training whereupon expert faculty from NIIT Foundation will conduct the training in house at NDS. Post the training students will be evaluated and certified by NIIT Foundation. Mphasis will be one of the key employment partners of this initiative as they have already employed 21 of our students in their Pune campus. The current batch will be placed either in Mphasis’s Bangalore or Mangalore campus. For the rest of the candidates NDS will target the BPO sector and other IT companies.


Members of different sections of Lioness club have been wonderful supporters of NDS.

The members of Lioness Club (Arun Vihar) donated money for furniture with which chairs were bought for the classrooms. The members also provided financial help to buy sweaters for winter uniform for little children. It was fun time for our little children when they were taken for picnic at a park in Noida. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their day out as they played different games and won gifts. The members gifted the kids with Benetton T shirts. Time and again Lionesses have been gifting various stationery items as well to NDS. Another useful session organized by the Lioness club was on Environment Conservation. The students found the session extremely useful and went back with a deeper understanding of their responsibility towards the environment and the students have made a promise that they will make every effort to help save the environment. .


Pearl Academy of Fashion Designing

A research assignment was conducted by students of Pearl Academy of Fashion Designing on skill mapping of the Deaf vis a vis the needs of the fashion Industry. The research output could help identify new job profiles for the Deaf in this Industry.


Mc Donald’s in Noida

IThe little children at NDS were delighted as they got to spend one beautiful day at Mc Donald’s in Noida. The trip was sponsored by one of our volunteers who devotes her time to bring out hidden artists in the little children teaching them art and craft. It was a one of its kind experience for the kids and they enjoyed every moment at Mc Donald’s exploring each and every corner.


The CEO of Noida Authority, Mr. Mohinder Singh

Paid a visit to our centre in sector 29. NDS family was greatly honored by his visit. He showed keen interest in knowing about NDS, its work, its achievements and its challenges. The esteemed visitor was highly impressed by the endeavors of NDS in bringing about a change in the lives of deaf. His visit was later followed by Dy. CEO’s visit who was also interested in NDS’s affairs, in no lesser amount. They left with a deeper understanding of the issues that face the deaf community and have shown interest in joining hands with us on our mission in a positive way in the near future


15th August

Being a big, proud day for all Indians couldn’t have gone unnoticed. Ruma, our General Secretary took this opportunity to teach the students about India’s struggle for independence. The students showed a lot of interest in the history of our nation and were delighted to learn about the freedom movement. Later, the students were taken on a journey of the life of Mahatma Gandhi through the famous movie "Gandhi." It was a wonderful day where the students learnt to value the freedom that we today enjoy and the responsibility that comes with it!!


The certificates for MS office program were distributed to all the successful candidates who have completed the training programme.

The final assessment test was conducted in the month of July. Vikram Kumar from The NIIT Institute, our knowledge partners came for the certification distribution ceremony. He was very impressed by the calibre of this batch of MS Office students as all of them passed with good grades. He spent a few hours interacting with the students and it was a special occasion for all of us. He also guided them on how to make their performance better further.


Our cause is being recognized not only by the corporate world but also by the young students of different schools.

This month a group of students from British School visited NDS. The visiting students were given an orientation about the Deaf community and were taught basics of sign language. The young enthusiasts later enjoyed playing chess and carom with our students. The sensitization session was followed by a workshop at Lemon Tree hotels where these young students taught basics of computer to 17 Deaf youth employed at the hotel in different departments. The idea was to enhance the skill levels of Lemon Tree’s Deaf workforce. The British School Students were supported by a Deaf trainer and interpreter from NDS. The workshop lasted for 5 days and added value to the knowledge of our deaf.


Visits by the Barclay’s

representatives reflect a growing partnership with them. The team enthusiastically interacted with the staff and students and took keen interest in the developments at NDS. The team was impressed with the growing strength at NDS. The team also gifted NDS with printers..


Women Safe

At NDS emphasis is not only on learning various courses but to be skilled enough to face various life complexities. Special workshops are conducted from time to time to provide training to deaf in different areas of life. An awareness program especially for girls was conducted to sensitize them about general health and sexuality. The program was highly interactive as girls openly shared their doubts with the teacher. Programs like these are highly important as deaf have limited or no access to any such information which is extremely beneficial to equip them to understand the complex nature of relationships.


Satyajeet who has been working with Vivek Sahni Design Studio in the Graphic Design Profile came to NDS.

On 22nd July’ 10 one of our ex-students, Satyajeet who has been working with Vivek Sahni Design Studio in the Graphic Design Profile came to NDS. He is really happy with the work and is working well! He took a session with the current batch of DTP and Graphic Design students sharing his experience of working in a professional environment. He motivated them to work hard and learn well so that they could get a good job in the future. He also gave them an insight into his work profile sharing the skills that the industry demands. The students were happy to get these inputs from Satyajeet and were inspired to work as hard as him and make a good future for themselves.


Dr. Madan Vasishta, associate professor at Gallaudet University, Washington

Has been a friend and guide for all at NDS. His visit to NDS brought unimaginable excitement. He took a session with our students and spoke to them about various issues motivating them to work hard and stand on their own feet. It was a very interactive session where the students freely shared their thoughts and asked many relevant questions. Dr. Vasishta also took a session with our staff motivating everyone to keep the vision of NDS in mind and encouraging us to take more ownership and not let any difficult situation deter us. It was truly an inspiring session. Finally Dr. Vasishta left with blessings, good wishes and a promise to visit again


We also organized a sensitization session for the staff of American Express (Amex)

NDS is part of Amex’s employee payroll giving programme which is being facilitated by Charities Aid Foundation. We shared with the employees about the work that NDS does and encouraged them to visit us and become a part of our mission. Many of the employees showed an interest in our work and expressed a desire to engage with us through the payroll giving program. These funds enable us to reach out to more and more Deaf and provide them training which equips them to carve a niche for themselves in the industry..


A team from Barclays visited NDS at our centre in sector 66.

The visit was facilitated by Charities Aid Foundation, one of our supporters. This was a second visit by Barclays. The team this time was different but the interests were the same i.e., to get to know the Deaf better and work together towards making a difference to the Deaf Community. The team was made aware about life and programs at NDS through a presentation. The volunteers visited our classes and interacted with our students. This visit turned out to be fruitful as soon after one of our female students got employed at Barclays in data entry profile.


Our very own centre at sector 29 got a new look.

Students, after the summer break, came back to a brightly painted centre. The painter displayed his creativity by painting different geometrical figures in different rooms, thus giving each room a distinguished look. The highlight of the whole thing was that the painter, as well as the volunteers who supervised the work are hearing impaired.


NDS, on 12th June- completed 5 years of working for the empowerment of Deaf youth.

Whole NDS team- students and teachers, worked together to make the day a success. The pride and the sense of belonging were conspicuous on the faces of everyone. Dance performance, mime and skit were the highlights of the day followed by the lunch. The Anniversary cake was cut by all the teachers together and shared by everyone. The captain of NDS ship took this opportunity to share some inspiring thoughts with the students.


A team from Deloitte taught advanced MS Excel tools

This year NDS also hosted a team of volunteers from Deloitte. They taught advance tools in MS Excel to our students from MS office batch, which was highly appreciated and beneficial for our students. The volunteers enthusiastically participated in various fun activities as well.


A team of about 15 employees from Barclays came to NDS for a visit.

The team was first given an orientation about NDS-its objectives, challenges and achievements. They were also taught Alphabets in sign language. The team was in turn more than happy to teach our deaf students about the basics of banking. All the queries regarding banking, by the students, were duly answered by the members. After the learning sessions was the time to unwind. The Barclays team brought with them some games for NDS students, which they enjoyed playing together. The food packets brought by them were relished by the students.


BPO training being conducted for trainers at NDS by Enable India

On 23rd March Shanti Raghavan of Enable India conducted a BPO training for the team at NDS. It was a fruitful session where Shanti shared some technical training inputs that we can impart to our students, which will enable them to sustain themselves in employment.


Distribution of Hearing Aids by Starkey

Starkey, a hearing aid manufacturing company provided hearing aids to some of our students and staff free of cost. Many of our young students who are in the age group of 7 to 11 were given these aids as the aids are more useful at a younger age. In the words of Saudamini, one of our trainers who received the machine, “For the first time in my life, I was able to hear my son’s voice. I cannot describe the joy.”


Exposure Visit to Shangri- La Hotel

A new partnership has been initiated with Shangri- la Hotels, who would be employing our students in the backend areas. The team from the hotel visited our centres and this was followed by an exposure visit for the students to the hotel. The students found the exposure useful as they got to learn about the real work operations that take place in the different departments


Students of Sardar Patel Vidyala Visiting NDS and interacting with our students

Sardar Patel Vidyalaya invited NDS to conduct a four day sign language orientation from 12th to 16th April’ 10 for their students of class X and XII. The students showed much enthusiasm and actively participated in the workshop. We had very interactive sessions with games, mime and role plays which both NDS team and the students enjoyed. On the last day the students visited our organization and spent time interacting with our students and trainers using Indian Sign Language.


Cricket Match with Mphasis

Mphasis organized a friendly match with our cricket team, NDS Tigers on 8th May’ 10. It was an exciting match and our team beat Mphasis. Both the teams had a great time in spite of the heat and in no time both the teams were smoothly communicating with each other. Post the match, Mphasis employees took our team to their office to show them around. They even explained about their HR rules and our students got a wonderful exposure to their working environment.


Sandeep Mallik, Trainer from Mphasis with Deaf Students

Following the successful pilot last year, we started our second batch of training in Computer Networking and Hardware in partnership with Mphasis, an HP company in May. This second batch of 7 students were trained by a volunteer from Mphasis, Sandeep Mallik. It was a two month training conducted once a week. The students found the training very useful and feel that the knowledge will help them in their careers in the future. The students are now being evaluated and post successful evaluation they would be employed with Mphasis most probably in Pune. Two of our students who were trained last year in the pilot batch also came and conducted a session with the students and shared about their experience of working with Mphasis


Training at Mphasis, Pune

We have scaled new heights with some breakthrough employment opportunities for our students. 15 of our students have been employed at Mphasis, a leading IT organization in Pune in a profile called Information Technology Outsourcing. It has indeed been a big breakthrough as NDS is now spreading its wing outside Delhi as well. We had a week long training programme in Pune where the students were trained on the job and we had sensitization and sign language orientation for the team. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm that the team at Mphasis showed towards this initiative.


Learning through Example !

Dr. Madan Vasishta,from Gallaudet University Washington, DC and Ruma Roka interacting with the deaf students and their parents in the workshop for Capacity Building of Deaf Youth. The program was arranged on 10th February 2010 for NDS students to share their problems and concerns with Dr.Vasishta and learn ways to build their skills and break the barriesr between the deaf and hearing world


Making Idols Happen !

Ruma Roka sharing her emotions on the occasion of IBN7 ‘Super Idols’ Awards Ceremony at Taj Lands End on 19th January 2010. The awards were declared in celebration of India’s 60 years of independence by IBN7 in partnership with Bajaj Allianz and Dainik Bhaskar. Ruma Roka was felicitated at the hands of Aamir Khan under the ‘Idol Maker’ for her efforts of empowering the Deaf.


It's Christmas Time !

The festive spirit was overflowing on 25th December 2009 when everyone participated in the celebrations and enjoyed the cake! Students of NDS 66 even gave wonderful dance and song performances.